Let’s meet your team moxa, which was built with the experts in Marketing, Business,
Design, Development of Semiconductor industry

Mr.Krishna Swami Bordoloi has 18 years of experience in Design & Technology, Marketing & Business development in the Semiconductor industry.His innovative vision & the ability to lead has enabled the foundation of Moxa Marketing.He truly believes that a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.

_ Mr.Krishna Swami.B

Ms. Rekha Rai boasts two decades of expertise in Sales & Marketing, Business Development, Customer relations, and Networking within the electronics sector. An astute, strategic, and enterprising professional, she is the epitome of the entrepreneurial spirit.

_ Ms.Rekha Rai

Dipmoni Kalita, with 14 years in Engineering, Marketing of Semiconductor/Electronics Components, and Business Development, held diverse roles in prestigious organizations. Driven by the entrepreneurship bug, he resonates with Reid Hoffman’s wisdom: “An entrepreneur jumps off a cliff and assembles an airplane on the way down,” a philosophy he ardently embraces..”.

_ Mr.Dipmoni Kalita


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